A few years ago, having completed a Mindfulness Based Living Course, I began to practice mindfulness regularly and find the skills extremely useful in many aspects of life.  

As a qualified nurse, with a degree in Health Studies, a Post Graduate Certificate of Education and much experience teaching health related topics; I was keen to share the skills of mindfulness with others who may benefit. Mindfulness teacher training followed, enabling me to teach you mindfulness skills within the context of broader health and well-being expertise.

There is a range of courses to choose from, to help you find one relevant to you and your life.

Influenced by my health-care and teaching background,

this mindfulness teaching is informed by a strong

evidence-base. I continue to study and take part in regular supervision to ensure my knowledge is up-to date and shared safely.

Based in Cumbria, face to face teaching can often be arranged, throughout the county and beyond. 

Online teaching for adult learners is also available, allowing

those living further afield to access courses.

See: ​https://www.linkedin.com/in/jane-hodgkinson-859660137

for details of my qualifications and training.



You are invited to learn some
valuable skills for life!

    Jane Hodgkinson

Mindfulness Teacher at

Now Mindfulness


 Here to answer your questions: jane@sojournnorth.co.uk or +44.01768484940