These courses are delivered in the classroom/other youth-related settings: 


.breathe - A 4-lesson curriculum to support young people aged 9 plus and give a taste of mindfulness. 

See: MiSP .breathe Flyer (1).pdf

'.b' Course - 10-week mindfulness course for young people aged 11-18.

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Mindfulness in Schools Project. 2014. What is.b? From 2-sided flyer prepared by Mindfulness in Schools Project

The Mindfulness In Schools Project (MiSP) was founded in 2007 by schoolteachers who had themselves experienced the benefits of mindfulness and wanted to bring it to the classroom. They devised the .b course, and describe it as “…a fun, engaging and useful ten-session mindfulness course for young people… It has been evaluated positively by the University of Cambridge and Oxford Brookes, and can be used in a wide range of contexts and age ranges.” (MiSP, 2014)

Introduction to Mindfulness in Education - This is a one-hour free session aimed at staff in educational settings; outlining the potential benefits to learners and teachers of introducing mindfulness.


Jane Hodgkinson of Now Mindfulness is trained to deliver .breathe and .b

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