Bespoke Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop 

lasting 1.5 to 3 hours, introducing the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace and beyond, for up to 20 participants, face to face or online.

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WorkplaceMT training - 4 or 6-week evidence informed secular mindfulness course specifically designed as a workplace training model as opposed to a clinical one; pioneered by The Mindfulness Exchange. Courses are tailored to your organisation and promote wellbeing, performance and collaboration at work and beyond.

A typical example of a WorkplaceMT course from

Now Mindfulness would be a 6 week course of hourly sessions or 4 longer sessions, preceded by a free taster sessionand delivered to up to 10 participants, face to face or online.

Jane Hodgkinson of Now Mindfulness  trained with

The Mindfulness Exchange to teach this programme  see: